1st Prize, Stooss-Areal,Zurich, CH

Four architectural offices were invited to study the redesign of an industrial site adjacent to an existing development. The winning project proposes a composition of two volumes which contain a total of 60 apartments and engage in a dialogue with their surroundings.

The two angular buildings form a whole and are strongly integrated, via their external spaces, into their built environment. The five-story building has, for example, a strong relationship with the Letzihof and the buildings to the south whereas the courtyard building has just three stories, which both reflects the lower height of the neighbors and allows more light to fill the courtyard. The five staircases in the building on the corner of Letzigraben and Mühlezeigstrasse are entered from the street whereas the courtyard building is entered from the traffic-free internal courtyard. The new common space with its covered external space is located at the heart of this building.

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