1st Prize, Amalie Widmer, Horgen, CH

The staff building was converted into freely-let apartments for seniors. Tenants can use the infrastructure of the care home at all times.


A day center was created in the ground floor of the staff building. Spatial needs were met by the building of an extension over the existing garage. The connection with the external areas and the link provided by the covered entrance area to the two buildings is now optimal. The restaurant with counter service / office, the main kitchen and the internal supply systems were completely redesigned. New multifunctional rooms were added to the restaurant which can now be used by external visitors. The adaptation of the administrative areas in line with this new situation included the state-of-the-art remodeling of all service and IT installations. The complete rebuilding of the healthcare departments included the updating of the infrastructure. Humid areas were completely redesigned and adapted in line with the latest healthcare requirements. The plant was replaced, upgraded or simply adapted. The external areas were also optimized and an occupational therapy garden was added to the day center. The area on Einsiedlerstrasse was partly newly planted.

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