1st Prize Invited Competition, 2006 Alpine Resort Fieberbrunn, A

The central design idea behind this “Hotel on the Ski-Slope” is the organic movement of the building as an extension of the topography of the landscape. By lifting the levels of the building it opens up and becomes integrated into the surroundings with the hotel roof acting to continue the contour lines of landscape. The central organising element is a patio to the north of the hotel which emphasises the generous relationship between the interior and the exterior. A bridge before this forum reinforces the act of entering. The atrium to the south contains a bar, restaurant und wellness facilities. The materials are chosen to symbolise the values of the establishment. The landscaped flat roof and a modern timber façade integrate the building into its natural surroundings.

Horst Reiner, Dario Travas, Sabine Holzweber, Markus Lentsch, Anna Gohn

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