The engineering tower is a “Building of the Future”

Another award for the Faculty of Engineering Science of the University of Innsbruck

Innsbruck, 5th October 2016 – The Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) has named the tower of the Faculty of Engineering Science of the University of Innsbruck, which has been remodeled and comprehensively refurbished by ATP Innsbruck, as a “Building of the Future” demonstration project which provides an example at the European level.

According to the Ministry, “the project offered an opportunity to pick up on some of the key results of the “Building of the Future” research and technology program of Austria’s Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and to implement these in a truly pioneering spirit”. Above all it was the way in which the building meets much higher than average quality standards in the areas of energy efficiency and sustainability while, at the same time, satisfying economic requirements that convinced the international jury.

ATP was commissioned with the redesign and the comprehensive refurbishment (in the areas of thermal, building services, electrical, fire protection and escape route design) of the engineering and architecture faculties and ancillary buildings after winning an EU-wide, open realization competition in 2012. Shortly after completion in January 2015 the ÖGNB named the building Austria’s second best refurbished office building, awarding it the TQB certificate with 917 out of 1,000 possible points. In addition to this, the Environment Ministry awarded the tower klimaaktiv Standard gold status with 1,000 out of 1,000 quality points. In 2016 the Faculties of Architecture and Engineering Science won the Energy Globe Tirol as well as the “Innovative Building Prize 2016”.

University of Innsbruck Demonstration Project
Building of the Future


Photo: University of Innsbruck
Photo: University of Innsbruck

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