Opening of the Kitz Galleria

A jewel between two worlds

Kitzbühel, 4th April 2014 – The Kitz Galleria is the first department store in Austria to have been completely designed with the help of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

According to Ioana Berceanu, project leader from ATP Innsbruck: “The reconstruction of the conventional building using state-of-the-art technology in such a way that it seamlessly fitted into the historically protected urban context while setting a symbol for today was a huge but satisfying challenge.”

The pitched roofs, conventional walls - with lattice windows and large-grained lime cement plaster - and stone arches had to be built fully in keeping with the existing building while each of the new elements – such as the three-story display cases and the individual cubic shop-windows – offer unexpected views deep into the secretive inner life of the Kitz Galleria.

The store creates the link between the lively elegant Vorderstadt and the lower lying and calmer Gries. Visitors stroll through the light-filled internal space and use the elliptical stair or glazed lifts to move between the levels of the gallery, accompanied by unexpected light reflections and a magnificent mountain panorama. 

“Refined, contemporary design-elements indicate the presence of the department store to the outside while, on the inside, the elegant staircase injects a special dynamic into the connection between the two parts of the town,” explained Berceanu. projects

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