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Lectures from ATP health and lifeline to a meeting of hospital experts

Munich, 17.03.2015 – Norbert Helmus and Siegfried Loewenguth, ATP’s specialists for health sector design used the example of a nuclear medicine center in Russia as they addressed a congress in Munich‘s Klinikum rechts der Isar entitled “From Idea to Design – the Challenges of International Cooperation”. During the congress, 16 experts spoke about the latest trends in the design, construction, refurbishment and operation of hospitals.

The Russian nuclear medicine center brings a research center with diagnostic and therapy units, a palliative station, a cardiological diagnostic and therapy center and cardiological rehabilitation center together under one roof in the form of a high quality hotel facility.

ATP health

Photos: ATP/Becker
Norbert Helmus, CEO of ATP health (left) and Siegfried Loewenguth, CEO of lifeline Gesellschaft für Betriebsorganisationsplanung im Gesundheitswesen (right). Photos: ATP/Becker
Foto: Management Forum Starnberg
Foto: Management Forum Starnberg

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