Team Engineer Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

As a new employee (I have been with ATP Frankfurt for 3 months) I am not yet in a position to report on my major experiences but I would love to share my very fresh first impressions.
At ATP we are all on first-name terms. That might not seem such a big thing but it makes everything simpler, friendlier and more efficient. The open plan office, the contact list with photos, the big kitchen, the super events and the in-house magazine help one to get to know colleagues faster and to find the best way solving a problem.
ATP is an integrated design office. Our products are neither heating plans nor energy concepts but rather the entire building: this gives me the opportunity to be involved in the creation of this product. As a mechanical engineer I like the fact that this is a place where one deals with innovative technologies. One is constantly gaining valuable experience, learning and keeping "up to date".

Janos Zelenyanszky
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
ATP Frankfurt

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