An ATP Secretary

Behind each successful boss sits a happy secretary or assistant (and should she or he be unhappy, that is the fault of the boss!). The most important thing for the secretary is, according to my opinion, TRUST! The boss should feel fully in touch with what is going on, even from a long way away – this works when the wise secretary or assistant filters out and passes on important information, regardless of where the boss should be.
The job of a director’s secretary is not so simple to define, but the keys are 
1) To be discretion in person – but at the same time highly communicative
2) To be loyal with respect to one’s boss and to the company, without giving up one’s own personality in any way.
3) And never to forget humour - it is refreshing and motivating when one also hears laughter in the directors’ offices!

Ursula Molin-Pradel

ATP Wien

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