1st Prize Invited Competition, 2006 University Hospital, Air Rights Surgery Building, Innsbruck, AT

In order to create an air-rights building above an existing low structure in the hospital complex, the ATP team developed a structural approach different to that proposed by the competition organisers. The project proposes a 90 m arch construction between the north and south foundation points whose frame structure serves as a basis for both the wall and roof panels. The concept enables the creation of a column free area of 1.600 m2 which in itself permits a much more flexible internal layout. The entire steel construction is enveloped in a shimmering mother-of-pearl-coloured perforated metal facade which is highly resistant to rapid temperature swings. In addition to this, the ATP approach allows for a decisive reduction in construction costs.

Christoph M. Achammer, Robert Kelca, Marc Eutebach, Paul Ohnmacht, Klaus Hessenberger, Alois Salzburger, Rainer Stiller, Heinz Unterweger, Peter Längle

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