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ATP architekten ingenieure, Berlin

Kurfürstendamm 195,
Foyer 1, 3. OG
10707 Berlin

Tel  +49 (30) 40 81 74280 / 74281
Fax +49 (30) 40 81 74001



ATP - комплексное проектирование во Берлин

ATP Berlin is one of nine independent design offices of the ATP Group.

The core competence of ATP Berlin is integrated design, a key prerequisite for lifecycle-oriented buildings. A Lead Project Manager – who is the ‘leader of the design process’ and sole contact person for the client – leads an interdisciplinary ATP team of architects, structural and building services engineers, and site supervisors, from the first idea via the entire design and construction process to the handover to the facility managers. In this work the team makes use of all the synergies offered by interdisciplinary knowledge and avoids the information deficits of the traditional consecutive design process.


Elmar Rottkamp
Elmar Rottkamp

Dipl.-Ing. | Architekt

Thomas Herter
Thomas Herter

Dipl.-Ing. | TGA
Geschäftsführer | Vorstand



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